Little Rock Marathon ACH Angels

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The ACH Angels Program is a unique opportunity for race participants to receive free entry into the event of their choosing while raising money for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Racers who register as ACH Angels are committing to raise at least $200 in order to receive a free race registration for the Little Rock Half Marathon, $300 for the Little Rock Marathon, and $350 for any of the Combo categories. Once you reach the $350 mark, you'll receive a technical race day shirt so you can be recognized as an ACH Angel and you'll get the VIP treatment on race day, before and after the race. However, this is just the beginning. There will be additional incentives for Angel’s who raise $600 on up to $6,000.

Top Teams Donations Amount
Bryce’s Angels- James 1 $1,000
Team Meredith Gann 5 $485
Ward 9 $450
Ginni LeVar 6 $400
Barton's Angels- Mel 11 $386
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Little Rock Marathon ACH Angels
Goal: $0
Top Teams:
Bryce’s Angels- James
Team Meredith Gann
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